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Why BMI healthcare is the safe and high quality choice for cosmetic surgery. Having cosmetic surgery is significant and life changing choice that should be given due thought and consideration. Cosmetic procedures are often trivialised in the media but it is important to remember that they are no different to any other medical operation and, as such, finding the best surgeon and facility for your treatment is an essential part of the decision making process.

BMI Healthcare is one of the most trusted names in private healthcare. As the largest independent hospital group in the UK, BMI Healthcare is committed to providing a consistent, high quality service of care to all its patients, whatever the procedure.

Adrian Richards, a BMI consultant surgeon and one of the leading facial surgeons in the UK comments, “BMI has an excellent reputation in healthcare and their main focus is on patient care. That is why a lot of the best surgeons in the UK work with them.”

BMI healthcare – the consultants’ choice

BMI prides itself on working with the best consultant surgeons in the country and only gives practicing privileges to those who are on the GMC’s Specialist Register and have a proven track record of excellence in their particular field.

Mr Francis Peart, a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at BMI Healthcare, comments, “The public can be assured that at BMI Healthcare, surgeons have the appropriate qualifications and are members of the relevant specialist organisations which guarantee the highest quality surgery and pre-operative and post-operative care.”

Consultation Is Key

One of the most important parts of the cosmetic surgery journey is the consultation process. Before you make the decision to have surgery you should be fully informed of all potential risks and side effects, feel comfortable and confident in your surgeon and have all your questions answered.

Mr Peart comments, “An essential pre-requisite of cosmetic surgery is to develop a clinical relationship with your surgeon and to receive the highest quality advice without any sales pressure as a driver for a decision. The consultation is an essential information gathering experience and should be done with no commitment attached.”

BMI prides itself on its extensive consultation process, putting patients and their safety above all else. At BMI your consultation will always be with the surgeon who is carrying out your procedure. This means that any worries, concerns or questions you may have will be addressed by your surgeon.

The right facilities

It is not just who performs your surgery that is important, but where you have it done. BMI Healthcare has the most extensive network of private healthcare facilities in the UK and is committed to on-going improvement as well as adhering to strict policies on cleanliness and infection control. Mr Richards says, “BMI has very high quality operating theatres which is why I choose to operate in their hospitals’

The private rooms also offer cosmetic surgery patients the discretion and comfort that they need following their procedure. Dr Mark Ferreira, Medical Development Director for BMI Healthcare says, “We have the luxury of being able to provide a very good patient experience because we only have private rooms. After having cosmetic surgery it is a big thing for patients to have that private experience and anonymity if they require it.”


An independent survey* of BMI hospital patients found that:






* Howard Warwick Survey – Based on a sample of 65,763 inpatients / daycase patients completing a questionnaire during the period Oct 2010 – Sept 2011



  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions no matter what they are. The consultation is designed so you gain all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.
  2. Do your research so you fully understand what the procedure you are interested in entails. BMI’s website www.bmihealthcare.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery includes a plethora of information on the procedures its surgeons offer.
  3. Choose a surgeon you feel comfortable with. Having a rapport with your surgeon is essential. With a network of more than 500 consultant surgeons, BMI can make sure you find the right surgeon for you.
  4. Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved and think carefully about your reasons for wanting surgery. Your consultant will provide advice on option will deliver the best results for you.
  5. Think about the cost Price is of course an issue when deciding to have surgery and it is important to know what you are going to get for your money. BMI offers competitively priced packages that include hospital fees, surgeon’s fees, anaesthetist’s fees, implant costs and tailored aftercare.


Maria Webber, 44, from Shanklin, Isle of Wight, had a tummy tuck and arm lift with consultant surgeon Mr Michael Cadier after losing half her body weight. Here she tells us about her experience…

“I lost 9 1/2 stone but, even though I had toned up as much as I could, I had a lot of excess skin.

“There were quite a lot of emotions surrounding the decision to have surgery and I was feeling quite embarrassed about parts of my body so it was important to me that I had a surgeon who I could trust. I had a lot of questions and I saw Mr Cadier on more than one occasion so that I was clear and sure before deciding to proceed with the surgery.

“The hospital facilities were brilliant, I could not fault them. I had a private room and had nursing staff around frequently, but without being intrusive. My husband was very welcome too, which was important, as I really needed him to be there for me.

“The care and support I had after my surgery was excellent and really helped the healing process. Mr Cadier and his team were on the end of the phone if I needed them and I had regular follow ups.

“The surgery has totally changed my life – I am so much more confident. It has given me the incentive to keep the weight off now because I look and feel so great.

“I would 100% recommend BMI to anyone else.”

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