• 5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Cosmetic Surgery
    12th August 2014
    Although cosmetic surgery procedures are increasingly common, and no longer the preserve of the rich and famous, the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure should not be taken lightly. It is important to understand that although cosmetic surgery can help to improve your appearance and also help boost self-confidence, you need to understand why you want to have the specific treatment you’re considering. Check out our cosmetic surgery essential stats infographic and ask yourself these five questions when thinking about cosmetic surgery:   1. Why Do I Want Cosmetic Surgery? It is...Read more
  • Masculinity Need Not Be Compromised: 5 Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For Men
    6th August 2014
    For a long time there has been a stigma attached to men who are overly-concerned with their physical appearance. After all, we are told that men with greying hair look distinguished, and a slightly craggy face gives them a rugged appearance so why be concerned about it. But just as it has become accepted that men can care about their hair, skin and clothes without compromising their ‘masculinity’ there is an increasingly relaxed attitude towards men having cosmetic surgery. In fact men now account for 1 in 10 of the more popular cosmetic treatments and according to the British...Read more
  • Tummy Tuck Or Liposuction: Which Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Is For You?
    31st July 2014
    The desire to have cosmetic surgery isn’t simply a matter of personal vanity. Sometimes people can feel so self-conscious about their bodies that it can have an impact on their day to day lives and their personal relationships. People who have stubborn fat deposits that they can’t get rid of through exercising and dieting, or those who have excess skin folds around the stomach, feel uncomfortable in situations such as going to the beach, the swimming pool or any other time where their body may not be covered head to toe in clothing. Two cosmetic surgery treatments that people in this...Read more
  • The Eyes Have It: How Cosmetic Surgery Can Perk Up Your Baby Blues
    29th July 2014
    If there is one area of the face which ages fast it’s our eyes. The eyes are an extremely expressive part of our face, and the movement of muscles around the eyes and brow are one of the chief indicators of emotions. The creases and lines that form in the skin around the eyes gradually become more and more obvious as we age, due to changes in our skin and the facial muscles. Although cosmetic surgery can’t stop ageing it can help you look younger. There are several cosmetic surgery treatments that can make your eyes look more youthful.   • Eyelid Surgery. This cosmetic surgery...Read more
  • Infographic: Body Beautiful – Essential Figures About Cosmetic Surgery
    23rd July 2014
    Take a look at our new infographic below which explores some of the essential figures about cosmetic surgery…. Find out more about our cosmetic surgery offering...Read more
  • Avoid The Chop: 3 Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures To Boost Your Confidence
    14th July 2014
    Cosmetic surgery brings to mind general anaesthetic, incisions and stitches. Although a lot of procedures require invasive surgery, which there is no getting around, you don’t have to go under the knife if you want to experience wonderful results from cosmetic surgery. In fact according to a 2014 report on the UK cosmetic surgery industry non-surgical cosmetic procedures account for nearly 85 per cent of all cosmetic surgery treatments carried out in the UK (Ref: Key Note Cosmetic Surgery Market Report 2014, ed. Robert Hucker). So it seems the majority of people favour non-surgical...Read more
  • Dying For A Deal: The Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad
    7th July 2014
    Although many cosmetic surgery procedures have become relatively commonplace it is still vitally important to understand that like any surgery there are risks associated with all operations. In the UK strict standards and laws ensure that cosmetic surgeons have to be professionally trained and also need to be registered with the General Medical Council. This means that when people opt for cosmetic surgery in the UK they do so confident that they are in qualified hands and potential risks are minimised. However, there is a growing trend for people to seek cosmetic surgery abroad, often tied in...Read more
  • Face Facts: Your Options For Facial Cosmetic Surgery
    7th July 2014
    For many people the first place they think about having cosmetic surgery is their face. Unlike other parts of the body the face is constantly on display, which means perceived imperfections can impact on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. The face is also susceptible to the effects of ageing due to its exposure to the elements such as sunlight and wind and because the muscles are so mobile which causes the skin to wrinkle and pucker over time. Whether you want to correct a problem that has been bothering you since childhood or want to help reduce the effects of ageing there are a...Read more
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